Reception of the 17th of March 2016

On the 17th of March 2016 we organiced in cooperation with East european institute in Dresden an evening reception to the topic: "Saxony and Croatia - The relationship continuos growing!".

The reception took place in the offices of architects companie Heinle , Wischer and Partner.

The opening was done by the host Mr. dipl. architect Heinle. He welcomed the guests and gave a short presentation of his work.

Special guests of honor were the ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in the Federal Republic of Germany , S.E. Mr Ranko Vilovic' and his wife.

In his oration he presented the new political course of the Republic of Croatia after the change of government in 2015/2016. He also commend the excellent reltion between the Republic of Cratia and Germany. He also showed the importance of Germany for the economical development of Croatia, referring to the yearly growing trading volumes. He spoke for continuing confidence in the Croatian economy and campaigned further financing . He also emphasized the interest in a stronger economic cooperation between saxon and croatian companies .

(form right to left: the consul of the Republic of Croatia Dr. Neumann , the tourist ambassador of the saxon Oberlausitz Wolfgang Kraus ; the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia , Mr. Ranko S.E. Vilovic ' and his wife Ivanka Vilovic´ , Dr. Amrija Anderle)

After the speech of the ambassador of the Republic of Croatia the consul of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Neumann also hold a speech. He especially stressed the importance of Croatia as an economic partner for Germany and particularly for Saxony. The consul agreed with the ambassador and firmly laid down the importance of further invests in the Croatian economy, in the nearer future and to develop the relations between the two countries. After that he also presented the programm of the business an culture trip to the Republic of Croatia, which took place in the septembre of 2015.

(From right to left: Monika Bracika, Mr Wolfgang Kraus, Mr. Reiner Deutschmann)

In the following held the chairman of Lausitzer Krabatvereins, Mr. Reiner Deutschmann and Ms. Monika Bracika, a founding member of the Croatian Krabat J.D.O.O. short speeches. They both emphasized the historical and cultural common roots between Saxony and Croatia. They showed, that with the in the Lausitz known legend of Krabat of Johann von Schadowitz (german called "Krabatsage"), the history of both countries is already connected. The name "Krabat" (spoken: "Kchabat"), which originally means "The Kroat" is a good example therefore. Both speaker presented the the importance of the common roots for the cooperation economy culture and science. Also the performer of the Krabat and official tourist ambassador of Oberlausitz, Mr. Wolfgang Kraus supported these intentions at the end with a short performance and speech.

After the presentations, during the champagne reception and buffet was the opportunity to exchange given. For that was a selection of Croatian wines offered.

The shown images were provided by Mr. Andre Henschke, owner of Henschke Consulting.